Seine Avenue, embroidery and auteur films

Our cine-skipper has been awarded for his documentary film narrating the work day of an embroiderer: the very same one who produced the Seine Avenue fabric.

Amidst the imposing mahogany, stainless steel and chrome elements which make up Murano, the small finely embroidered cotton napkins are more discreet. But they too have a long history.
Random circumstances led Martin Renard (our operations manager) to the city of Roubaix, where he discovered the Dervaux embroidery workshop. Our cine-skipper, impressed by its industrial heritage, put in an order for Seine Avenue. Along with his wife, he decided to launch a film project. The aim? To dive deep into the living heritage business. Three years later, “Made in Roubaix” won the “Cinécran” documentary award issued at the Vannes European cinema event. Our little napkins can be proud of such a great award.